Rules of the award/mentorship


  1. The applicant confirms that they are the sole author and copyright holder of the data/material (photographs, text, video etc.) that they use for their application. Joint-authors, collaborative-authors and collectives must make it clear in their applications.

  2. The applicant confirms that the submission of the material does not breach any law and further, that no other party can hold any claim or objection regarding the rights granted to Photo:. Should such a claim arise the applicant agrees to remain solely accountable, indemnifying Photo: from any such claim and informing Photo: immediately of such claim.

  3. Application materials/data must not be older than 5 years.

  4. On application, the applicant grants Photo: the right to securely hold the application data and to present this data to the selection panel.

  5. The applicant grants Photo: the right to use the application data for all media, publicity and marketing of the democraSEE award and educational and research activities for up to 5 years without remuneration.

  6. The shortlisted and successful candidates will be informed by Photo: via email and the results will be announced through media platforms.

  7. The successful candidate will sign a contract with Photo: to deliver a project within the set timeframe.

  8. It is expected that the successful candidate will complete the project within eight months or sooner from the date of contract.

  9. The successful candidate must attend at least one critique session in Johannesburg at their own cost/from their grant.

  10. The successful candidate will donate 3 prints (from a limited edition) of their final work to Photo: that will be for sale as a way to fundraise for future editions of the democraSEE award.

  11. The successful candidate agrees to participate in related publicity on reasonable requests.

  12. Photo: employees may not enter the competition. As Photo: operates in many different spheres in photography and thus is linked to many photographers and their work, it is possible that the successful candidate might be a collaborator of Photo:. At no stage will Photo: unduly influence the selection.

  13. The Selection Panel’s decisions are final. Unfortunately, individual feedback on submissions is not possible.

  14. The applicant fully indemnifies Photo: of any claim should the private and secured hold of the applicant’s data be breach by criminal activity or technical failure while in possession of Photo:.

  15. Phototool trades as Photo: and any legal process will be in accordance to South African law.

  16. Applicants must be 18 years or older.